PCB Flexible Capabilities

General Introduction of Flexible PCB

Flexible PCBs (FPC) are the PCBs that can be bent or twisted without damaging the circuits, which means the boards can be bent freely to conform to the desired shape during applications. The material the substrate used is flexible, such as Polyamide, PEEK, or a conductive polyester film.

Our PCB Flexible Capability includes but not limited to what are listed below, as we are updating our equipments constantly to keep us on the cutting edge. If your PCB Flexible demands are beyond these capabilities, please contact us at SVC@allwinpcba.com, we will respond you if we can do or not within 24 hours.

Please check the manufacturing capabilities of the Flexible PCB from AllWinPcba




Board Size



Max (Pnl Size)


Base Material Thickness


Board Thickness


Base Copper Thickness


PTH Hole Wall Copper Thickness


Blind Hole Filling Capacity Aspect Ratio (Hole Size: Hole Depth)


Blind Hole Filling Capacity (Hole Size)


Single Line Impedance Tolerance


Differential Impedance Tolerance


Min Track/Spacing (Double Layers Board)

Surface Copper Thickness:8-14μm

40/40 um

Surface Copper Thickness:15-20μm

45/45 um

Surface Copper Thickness:21-30μm

55/55 um

Surface Copper Thickness:31-40μm

75/75 um

Surface Copper Thickness:≥40μm

80/80 um

Line Width Tolerance

Line Width≤0.050mm


0.05mm<Line Width≤0.15mm


Line Width>0.150mm



Silkscreen Character Min Width/Spacing


Solder Mask

Green Solder Mask Thickness Range

10~30 μm

Related Capacity

Dimension Tolerance from Line Edge to Plate Edge

±0.25 mm

Choose AllWinPcba for your Flexible PCB

AllWinPcba provides a one stop solution for all of your electronic manufacturing requirements with our experienced team and state-of-the-art assembly equipments under one roof in an inexpensive way, ranging from fast turnaround prototyping to high volume manufacturing. We have the capability to identify design and production issues during the prototype stage and solve these (in consultation with you) before mass production. Our turnkey or consigned printed circuit board assembly service is ISO ISO9001:2015-certified and RoHS compliant. We handle SMD, through-hole and mixed assembly projects. Look forward to cooperating with you, welcome your inquiry: svc@allwinpcba

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