What are High Tg PCB, Fr4 Tg170, High Temperature PCB

General Introduction of High TG PCB

As you know, when the temperature is raised to a certain level, the substrate will change from "glassy state" to "rubbery state", the temperature at this time is called the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the board. That is to say, Tg is the maximum temperature (°C) at which the substrate remains rigid. That is to say, ordinary PCB substrates will not only soften, deform, and melt at high temperatures, but also their mechanical and electrical properties will drop sharply, which will affect the service life of the product.

High Tg PCB for fr4 tg170

The general FR4 temperature is above 130 centigrade, the high Tg is generally greater than 170 centigrade, and the moderate Tg is about 150 centigrade. High FR4-Tg has better mechanical and chemical resistance to heat and moisture than standard FR4. The higher the Tg value, the better the heat resistance of the material

At present, the general FR4 material specifications of custom-made PCBs on the market are: FR4 Tg130, FR4 Tg150, FR4 Tg170, FR4 Tg180, usually PCB printed boards with Tg≥170℃ are called high Tg printed boards.

The Tg of the substrate is increased, and the heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, resistance stability and other characteristics of the printed board will be improved and improved. The higher the TG value, the better the temperature resistance of the sheet, especially in the lead-free process, the application of high Tg is more.

High Tg refers to high heat resistance. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, especially the electronic products represented by computers, toward the development of high functionality and high multi-layer, PCB substrate materials require higher heat resistance as a prerequisite. The emergence and development of high-density mounting technologies represented by SMT and CMT have made PCBs more and more inseparable from the support of high heat resistance of substrates in terms of small apertures, fine wiring, and thinning.

Therefore, the difference between general FR-4 and high FR4-Tg is that in a hot state, especially under heat after moisture absorption, the mechanical strength, dimensional stability, adhesiveness, water absorption, thermal decomposition, thermal expansion of the material. There are differences in various conditions such as properties, and high Tg products are obviously better than ordinary PCB substrate materials.

In recent years, the number of customers who require the production of high Tg printed boards has increased year by year, but the price is higher than that of ordinary PCBs.

Advantages of High Tg PCB

1. Higher stability: If the Tg of the PCB substrate is increased, it will automatically improve the heat resistance, chemical resistance, moisture resistance and the stability of the device.

2. Withstand high power density design: If the device has high power density and fairly high heat generation, then a high Tg PCB will be a good solution for thermal management. When reducing heat generation from common boards, larger printed circuit boards can be used to change device design and power requirements, but also high Tg PCBs can be used.

3. Ideal for multi-layer and HDI PCBs: Since multi-layer and HDI PCBs are more compact and circuit dense, they will cause a lot of heat dissipation problems. Therefore, high Tg PCBs are usually used in multilayer and HDI PCBs to ensure the reliability of PCB manufacturing.

Why use FR-4 to make high Tg PCB?

Some applications require the PCB to be able to withstand relatively high temperatures of 180 °C or higher. In order to operate reliably in high temperature applications, we need to manufacture specialized PCBs using high performance materials, namely High-Tg PCBs. These PCBs can withstand extremely high PCB glass transition temperatures while providing the following features:

1. Improved impedance control

2. Better thermal management

3. Moisture resistance

4. resistance stability

glass transition temperature of fr4 tg170

FR-4 is the material of choice for high Tg PCBs

For devices with extreme temperature requirements, use FR-4 substrates to fabricate high Tg PCBs. FR-4 is a flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced epoxy material that resists multiple lamination cycles, complex PCB processing and allows lead-free soldering.

Below is an overview of the special properties of the FR-4 substrate, which make it an ideal choice for PCBs in demanding applications.

1. Excellent electrical performance.

2. Able to withstand special drilling and plated through hole (pth) preparation.

3. Good plated-through hole reliability.

4. The cost is relatively low.

5. Stable dissipation factor (Df) compared to other standard PCB materials.

6. Excellent chemical resistance

7. Suitable for PCB designs that require strict impedance control.

8. Shockproof, shockproof and flame retardant.

Due to its unique performance in thermal management. The power density in today's electronics is getting higher and higher, which generates a lot of heat, and the heat can interfere with the heat sink or other parts of the product, so a high Tg PCB is the best solution. Also, with the popularity of high Tg PCBs in recent years, you will find Tg PCBs being used in the electronics industry where they can operate at higher temperatures. Therefore, we meet the needs of customers in different industries by providing high-Tg PCBs with high heat resistance, which can meet the requirements of customers' high specifications in a short lead time. So, they are used in some application examples as follows:
Gateway, RFID, Inverter, Antenna Board, Wireless Booster, Low Cost PLC, Embedded System Development, Embedded Computer System, AC Power Supply.

High TG PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Category High Tg PCB Capabilities
1 Material
FR-4 Tg130 ,FR-4 Tg140 , FR-4 Tg150  (Halogen-free), FR-4 Tg170  (Halogen-free), FR-4 Tg180
2 Number of Layer
2-14 Layers
3 Board Thickness 0.2-8mm
4 Min. Track/Spacing
5 Min. Hole Size
6 Silkscreen
Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Purple
7 Via Process
Tenting Vias, Plugged Vias, Vias not covered
8 Testing
Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing
9 Surface Finishing
HASL, HASL lead free, Immersion gold(ENIG), Immersion Tin, OSP, Immersion Silver(Ag)
10 Solder Mask
Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black, Blue, Purple
11 Finished Cooper
12 Board size 640mm*1100mm
13 Build Time
8-11 days
14 Delivery Time 3-4 days

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