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What are the components of PCB quotation?

18 Sep 2019 15:46:57 GMTsandy

What are the components of PCB quotation?

There are many factors that make up the PCB sample price, so it is difficult for a new salesman to offer a very standard price if he does not understand the factors that make up the PCB price. so, what are the components of PCB quotation?

1. Whether it is urgent

For customers with tight delivery requirements, they can apply for urgent order service. If the general single and double panels need to be delivered in 12 hours, PCB proofing manufacturers may charge an urgent fee of about 100 dollars.

2. Invoice cost

Some customers' enterprises have very formal financial procedures, so they need to provide invoices for each PCB procurement project, and the invoices are taxable, so PCB proofing manufacturers generally add this invoice tax to the PCB proofing price.

3. Express delivery cost

Generally, customers with long cooperation and near regions will be assigned by the PCB proofing manufacturer to deliver the goods free of charge, while for customers far away, express delivery will be adopted. Ordinary express generally do not charge customers extra freight, when it comes to SF Express Express these higher prices express services will charge extra freight, the specific freight price see the express company website.

4, flying needle test cost

The general sample number is small and the data is simple most do not do the flying needle test or the flying needle test is free; When it comes to the orders with very complex data and a large number, the machines and equipment of PCB proofing manufacturers will often be occupied, and the flying needle test will also be charged.

5, surface treatment costs

Due to the different requirements of the circuit board board and the process, the cost of surface treatment is very different, such as the gold of the sinking gold is very expensive, so the price of the board of the sinking gold process is generally about 10 dollars higher than that of the ordinary tin spraying process.

6, ink cost

In PCB proofing, most of the solder resistance character ink are green oil white and ordinary ink. If the board has special needs and the order volume is very small, the manufacturer will waste a lot of ink, so the selection of non-green oil white or specified a brand ink price will be higher.

7, plate fee

It mainly refers to the size of PCB board. The larger the size, the more PCB substrate will be consumed. Generally, the price is calculated by multiplying the fixed board fee coefficient by the size.

8, other

Other costs such as fixed engineering costs and film costs, the more the circuit board layer is consumed more film sheet number, so the cost will be higher; The engineering cost mainly involves the processing of engineering data and the production of production tools. The more layers of PCB board, the longer the production time, the higher the engineering cost.