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Detailed explanation of the working principle of PCB multilayer board

27 Jul 2022 18:48:32 GMTadministration

Detailed explanation of the working principle of PCB multilayer board

PCB multi - layer board refers to the multi - layer circuit board used in electrical products. Multilayer panels use more single - or double-sided panels. A printed circuit board, including a double as inner lining, two single side as the outer layer, or two double as lining, two single side as the outer layer, through the positioning system and insulation adhesive materials together alternately, while conducting graphics according to the design requirements are interconnected to become 4 layer and 6 layer printed circuit board, also known as multilayer printed circuit boards. Today Xiaobian contacted the professional and technical personnel of Feilong electronics, to introduce the working principle of PCB multilayer board.

Working principle of PCB multilayer board

With the continuous development of SMT (surface mount technology), and the new generation of SMD (surface mount device), such as QFP, QFN, CSP, BGA (especially MBGA), make electronic products more intelligent, miniaturization, thus promoting the PCB industry technology of significant reform and progress. Since the first successful development of high density multilayer board (SLC) by IBM in 1991, various international groups have developed a variety of high density interconnect (HDI) microplates.

With the rapid development of these processing technologies, PCB design gradually develops to the direction of multi-layer and high-density wiring. Multilayer printed boards are widely used in the production of electronic products due to their flexible design, stable and reliable electrical performance and superior economic performance.

The biggest difference between PCB multilayer board and single board and dual board is the addition of internal power layer (maintenance internal power layer) and grounding layer. The power and ground networks are routed at the power layer. However, multilayer board wiring is primarily based on the top and bottom layers, supplemented by intermediate wiring layers. Therefore, the design method of multilayer board is basically the same as that of double panel. The key is how to optimize the wiring of the internal electrical layer, so that the wiring of the circuit board is more reasonable and the electromagnetic compatibility is better.

The above is the principle of PCB multilayer board, oh, I hope to help you!