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For PCB proofing, these knowledges must be understood

27 Jul 2022 17:37:29 GMTsandy

For PCB proofing, these knowledges must be understood

PCB proofing refers to the production of a small amount of PCB samples for functional debugging before the batch production of circuit
boards. After function debugging is completed, the subsequent batch production can be carried out, which can avoid production risks
and reduce the loss caused by product errors.

For customers, what are the most concerned factors of PCB proofing?

Speed of 1.time

Time is a very important factor in PCB industry. Delivery time and quality are the hard power of the factory, and the most favored by purchasing customers. Now PCB proofing factories generally
provide expedited services, such as 12-hour and 24-hour expedited delivery; Usually, the normal delivery time of single and double panels is 2 days.


PCB proofing, quality can not be ignored. From raw materials, drawing, to production, testing, quality control, etc., every link needs to be strictly checked. Take the ordinary double panel for
example, the plate is generally FR-4, aluminum substrate, CIM-1 and so on, the thickness of the plate is from 0.4mm to 3.0m, and the thickness of copper is 0.5oz to 3.0oz. The difference of
these materials causes the quotation to be very different, and the better material used by the manufacturer is the imported plate.

3:Price of 

With the development of the industry, the price of PCB proofing, small and medium batch production is falling. Complete the challenging task with the challenging price, which will be the
following price trend of PCB proofing.

So, what are the standards of PCB proofing quality?

1. Copper skin is not easy to fall off in high temperature environment;
2. The thickness, distance and width of the line meet the design requirements to prevent heat, short circuit and opening of the line;
3. PCB board has no extra electromagnetic radiation;
4. Take high temperature, high humidity and other special environments into consideration during PCB proofing;
5. Copper surface is not easy to be oxidized;
6. Reasonable deformation error; The hole position of the circuit board and the deformation error of the circuit design are guaranteed to be within the allowable range.
Combined with the above six aspects of proofing out of the circuit board to measure, can judge its "excellent" or not. At present, there are tens of millions of PCB proofing manufacturers in

the market. It is suggested that users should sharpen their eyes in the selection process and choose manufacturers based on a certain understanding of PCB to prevent being cheated.