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PCB Assembly FAQ

As one of the most cost-effective and high-quality PCB fabricator and PCB Assembly servicer, we are having more than hundreds new engineers using our services for their research work. We are answering questions from around the world on the daily basis concerning their PCB and assembly business. We aggregate these questions for our new customers to know about our product and service.

Q1: When you produce the first assembly, could you send me some photos to confirm the final product?

A:Yes. If you would like to confirm the final product before manufacture, please leave a note "Send me photos of the first assembled board to confirm" in the BOM file or just send this request through email when quote.

Q2: Can I send you some components for my future assembly orders?

A:Yes. However, before you send them to us, please contact us with full details of the shipping information, quantity, and part numbers.

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