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Return Policy

Order Cancel:

Prior to production or shipping of the product, we allow order cancellations. If the order is canceled, a full refund will be given. As soon as the goods has been dispatched, we are unable to cancel the purchase.

The standard of compensation:
1. In case of PCB quality problems, AllWinPCBA shall not assume any economic compensation except the payment for the circuit board, including PCBA.

2. Full test PCB, AllWinPCBA promises 100% electrical performance straight through rate; If open or short circuit is found, ten pieces of compensation will be paid for one piece of damage, and the maximum compensation amount will not be higher than the payment for PCB processing in the order.

3. PCB sampling, AllWinPCBA promises electrical performance straight through rate of 98%; If the defect rate of open or short circuit is found to be more than 2%, ten pieces will be lost for one piece of the excess part, and the maximum compensation amount will not be higher than the payment for PCB in the order.

Amount of compensation:
1. Compensation shall be made according to the actual number of defective PCB pieces, not more than the total number of defective PCB pieces in the order.

2. After deducting the cost of reusable electronic components, compensation shall be made according to the actual cost of each piece of PCBA, among which, the maximum compensation shall not exceed $1,000 for each single and double layer board, and the maximum compensation shall not exceed $2,000 for each multi-layer board.

3. For a single order, the maximum compensation for single and double panels shall not exceed $250,000, and the maximum compensation for multi-layer panels shall not exceed $500,000.

Condition of compensation:
1. It is limited to the open circuit, short circuit, broken hole, and blocked hole caused by our company in the production process. In CASE OF OPEN CIRCUIT AND SHORT CIRCUIT CAUSED BY THE WRONG engineering data provided by you, as well AS QUALITY PROBLEMS caused by various engineering data such as shape, welding resistance, character, tolerance, etc., the scope of compensation is not covered.

2. If any specific quality problem is found, it shall not be repaired without authorization, and shall contact our company immediately; If the appraisal result of AllWinPCBA is not accepted, it can be submitted to a qualified third-party appraisal company. If it is impossible to obtain evidence due to self-maintenance, it will not be covered by this indemnity.

3. Only the problems occurred under normal environment, the problems occurred under special environment are not covered by this compensation scope, including but not limited to: strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature, extreme cold, impact, vibration, humidity, damp heat, etc.

4. If you have any objection to the quality of the circuit board, please put it forward within the period agreed in the contract from the date of receipt of the PCB. If it is overdue, it will be deemed that there is no problem with the circuit board, and our company will not make any compensation.

5. If the quality problem is confirmed, the ownership of PCBA belongs to AllWinPCBA, your company must send back to PCBA, our company will complete the compensation within one week after receiving.

1. Coupons and discount activities do not support the deduction of quality service fees
2. The consumer is not responsible for paying the shipping costs if the items received are incorrect or damaged due to our fault.
3. No restocking fee to be charged to the consumers for the return of a product.

If you have any question, please contact our Customer service at svc@allwinpcba.com.
Emergency telephone: +1.608.698.5398

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