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15 Jul 2022 13:47:42 GMT

        Description: Features: JDY-31 Bluetooth-compatible is based on Bluetooth-compatible 3.0 SPP design, which can support Windows, Linux, for android data transmission, working frequency 2.4GHZ, modulation mode GFSK, maximum transmission power 8db, maximum transmission distance 30 meters, support users to modify device name through AT command The baud rate and other instructions are convenient and quick to use. This Bluetooth-compatible module can only be used as a Bluetooth-compatible slave. JDY-31 is a classic Bluetooth-compatible protocol that can communicate with Bluetooth-compatible-enabled computers (desktops, notebooks) and mobile phones (for android). ? Windows computer Bluetooth-compatible serial port transparent transmission ? For Android Bluetooth-compatible serial port transparent transmission ? Smart home control ? Automotive ODB testing equipment ? Bluetooth-compatible toy ? Share mobile power, share weight ? Medical equipment Parameters: ? Model: JDY-31 ? Bluetooth-compatible version: Bluetooth-compatible 3.0 SPP ? Working frequency band: 2. 4GHZ ? Communication interface: UART ? STM connection temperature: <260 degree ? Operating voltage: 1.8-3.6V (3.3v recommended) ? Operating current not connected: 4. 7mA ? Working temperature: -40~80 degree ? Current after BLE connection: 7.3mA ? Antenna: Built-in PCB antenna ? Transmit power: 8db (Max) ? High transmission distance: 30 meters ? Receive sensitivity: -97dbm ? Master-slave support: slave ? SPP maximum throughput: 16K bytes/s (for android, windows) JDY-31 support patch and solder pin header Needle pin application: The pin header specification is standard 2.54 pitch pin header, just need to weld 5 pin holes on the module. SMD application: Generally, only four pins of VCC, GND, RXD and TXD need to be connected. If you need to disconnect actively in the connection state, send AT+DISC in the connection state.

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