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15 Jul 2022 12:19:43 GMT

  The LM317 large integrated circuit manufacturers have similar products to choose from, and are a widely used series of integrated regulators.
The output voltage range of the LM317 is 1.25V-37V (the design output voltage range of this kit is 1.25V-12V), and the load current is up to 1.5A. Its use is very simple, only two external resistors are needed to set the output voltage. In addition, its linear regulation and load regulation are better than standard fixed voltage regulators. The LM317 has built-in protection circuits such as overload protection and safety zone protection.
To ensure the output performance of the regulator, R should be less than 240 ohms. The regulated voltage value can be adjusted by changing the RP resistance. D5, D6 are used to protect the LM317.
Output voltage calculation formula: Uo = (1 + RP / R) * 1.25

Performance parameter
1. Product name: LM317 adjustable DC regulated power supply module
2. Chip model: LM31 7
3. Output voltage: 1 .25V-22V continuously adjustable
4. Typical linear adjustment: 0.01%
5. Typical load adjustment rate: 0.1% Ripple rejection ratio :80dB
6. Operating ambient temperature: -10°C +85°C
7. Storage ambient temperature: -65°C +150°C
8. Operating status: With power indicator
9. Size of finished plate: 63* 40*27mm(without potentiometer handle)
10. Internal chip with overheating, overcurrent, short circuit protection circuit


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