Fuse (FU)


A fuse is an an electrical safety device defined by IEC127 standard as a "fuse-link".It mainly plays the role of overcurrent protection of a circuit. When faults in a circuit occur, the current might continuously increase and damage some important components in the circuit. In a worse case,it will burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the fuse is correctly assembled in the circuit, it will break the ciruit when too much current flow through.


A fuse consists of three parts including metal wire, electrode part and the bracket. Metal wire is the core of a fuse that will melt to interupt the circuit. There are usually two eletrode parts in a fuse to connect the wire and the ciruit. As the wire of fule is thin and soft, a braket is used to fix the metal wire and intergrate three parts into a rigid whole for easy installation and use.

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