RF Integrated Circuits

15 Jul 2022 11:49:39 GMT

RF intergrated circuits (RFIC)


Radio frequency (RF) is a high-frequency electromagnetic wave with long-distance transmission capability. Its frequency is 300KHz-300GHz, which is the most active frequency range in the field of wireless communication. The RF Integrated Circuit refers to an integrated circuit working in the radio frequency range, which converts radio signal communication into a certain waveform and sends it out through antenna resonance. It includes a power amplifier, low noise amplifier, and antenna switch.


The RFIC architecture consists of two parts: the receiving channel and the transmitting channel. The transmitting circuit is composed of a transmitting modulator, transmitting phase detector, transmitting voltage-controlled oscillator (TX-VCO), power amplifier, power controller, transmitting transformer, and other circuits. When transmitting the signal, the transmitting baseband information processed by the logic circuit is sent to the transmitting modulator, and after modulating with the local oscillator signal, the signal frequency is increased by TX-VCO to a level that the base station can receive.


Radio-frequency ICs (RFICs) are widely used in wireless communication devices, including the following:

Mobile phone

Bluetooth and GPS devices

Wi-Fi devices

Wireless base stations

Wireless routers


Satellite transceivers

Microwave equipment

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