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The resistor is one of the most-used components. As the name suggests, it resists the flow of current through a circuit. The greater the resistance of the conductor, the less the current can flow. It is represented by the letter R with the unit of resistance ohms, symbolized as Ω.


Resistors come in many physical sizes, shapes, and values based on the different materials they are used. It can be divided into two types: fixed resistors and variable resistors. A fixed resistor is made of materials with properties that hinder the current. Its resistance value is fixed while the value of variable resistors can be changed by control.


Fixed resistors

Variable resistors

Wire Wound 

Light-dependent resistor
Carbon composition 

Force-sensitive resistor

Carbon film


Metal film 


Metal-oxide film 
Metal glaze


Fixed resistors are commonly used in electronics circuits, among them the most favored one by beginners and hobbyists is the axial style that has leads on both long ends and colored bands on the body to indicate resistance value, tolerance, and sometimes even temperature coefficient of the resistors. The advent of surface mount technology brings tiny components including resistors which can be observed on many PCBs nowadays.


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