PCB Products

ALLWINPCBA has PCB prototypes, PCB Products fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

  • 6-layer High Frequency PCB Vehicle-mounted Printed Circuit Board Custom OEM ODM PCB Manufacturer In China

    Product Name: 6-layer vehicle-mounted printed circuit board Base Material: fr4 Number Of Layers: 6-layer

  • 6-layer Electronic PCB Rigid-Flex PCB Circuit Board Assembly Custom Rigid Flexible PCB Product

    Product Name: Electronic PCB Rigid-Flex PCB Base Material: FPC fr4 Number of Layers: 6-layer

  • 12-layer goldfinger GPU PCB Custom High Frequency Printed Circuit Board

    Product Name: 12-layer goldfinger GPU PCB Base Material: FR4 TU872 Number Of Layers: 12-layer

  • 10-Layer High Frequency PCB Custom Rogers Printed Circuit board For Radio Application

    Product Name: 10-Layer High Frequency PCB For Radio Application Base Material: Rogers Number Of Layers: 10-layer

  • 6-layer FPC flexible-rigid Printed Circuit Board PCB OME Fabrication And Assembly In China Factory

    Product Name: 6-layer flexible-rigid printed circuit board Base Material: fr4 FPC Number of Layers: 6-layer

  • Professional Custom 4-layer Rigid-Flex PCB Flexible Circuit Board PCB OME Fabrication

    Base Material: FPC &PI. Number of Layers: 4 Layer

  • 6-layer 2nd-order HDI PCB Custom Oem Odm PCB Manufacturer In China

    Product Name: 6-layer 2nd-order HDI PCB. Product Material: FR4. Number of Layers: 6-layer 2nd-order

  • 8-layers UAV HDI PCB

    Product name:8-layers UAV HDI PCBBase material: FR-4Number of Layers: 8-layers

  • Double-sided Taconic Immersion gold PCB

    Product Material:Taconic TLY-5ANumber of Layers:2 LayersPCB Size:152.4*90.42mmMin. Hole Size:0.3mm

  • Heavy Copper PCB

    US $ / 50pcs


    US $150 / 10pcs

  • Gold Finger PCB

    US $65 / 10pcs