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ALLWINPCBA has PCB prototypes, PCB Products fabrication and pcb assembly capabilities.

  • 13 Years Experience PCB PCBA Board Assembly, Professional OEM Electronic Manufacturer

    Products DescriptionItem (PCB Assembly)One-Stop OEM ServiceMax Board Size680*550mm Smallest:0.25"*0.25"Min Components size0201-54 sq.mm (0.084 sq.inch),Long Connector,CSP,BGA,QFPSpeed0.15sec/chip, 0.7sec/QFPWave-SolderMax.PCB Width:450mmMi…

  • Led pcb Pcb smd led circuit board Led Aluminum Lamp Pcb 3535 led pcb board grow light

    MCPCBSurface TreatmentHASL,Immersion gold,Flash gold, plated silver, OSPLayerSingle-side, Double SidePCB Thickness0.6-5mmCopper Foil Sickness0.5-4OzMin hole diameterT/2mmMin Line width0.15mmLayers1-4 layersMax board size585mm*1185mmMin board size3mm*1…

  • FPC OEM flex pcb circuits board assembly flexible printed circui fpc design and software development

    SeqItemStandardSpecial1Production CapabilitySingle-sided:20,000M/MonthN/ADouble-sided/Multi-layers:10,000M/MonthN/A2Base Material Polyimide ( PI )Polyester (PET)3 LayersFlexible Printed Circuit(FPC) Board:1~6layers8LayerRigid-Flex Board:2~6layers8Lay…

  • Electronic pcb manufacturer One-stop service Electronic assembly pcb design factory OEM Fr4 pcb

    Electronic pcb manufacturer One-stop service Electronic assembly pcb design factory OEM Fr4 pcb board FR-4 Process capabilityItemCraft AbilitySurface FinishHAS…

  • PCB Assembly

    One Stop Turkey Service

  • LED Aluminum PCB

    Layers: 1Board thickness: 1.0mmMaterial: Aluminum baseSize: 180*120mmSurface treatment: OSPLine width/spacing: 12/12milMinimum aperture: NASolder mask color: whiteFinished copper thickness: 2 OZ

  • Multi-layer thick copper PCB

    Specifications:Layers: 4Thickness: 3.0mmMaterial: FR4 S1000-2Size: 175*104mmSurface treatment: Immersion goldLine width/spacing: 12/12milMinimum aperture: 0.5mmSolder mask color: photosensitive greenFinished copper thickness: inner layer 6 OZ, outer l…

  • 6 layers Immersion Gold + Golden Finger PCB easy pcb

    Layers: 6Thickness: 1.60mmMaterial: FR4 S1141Size: 172*148mmSurface treatment: Immersion gold + electroplating gold fingerLine width/spacing: 5/5milMinimum hole diameter: 0.25mmSolder mask color: blueFinished copper thickness: inner layer 1 OZ, outer …

  • Double-layer Immersion Gold Circuit Board

    Double-layer Immersion Gold Circuit Board

  • Double-layer Immersion Gold PCB

    Specifications:Layers: 2Thickness: 1.6mmMaterial: FR-4 Goldenmax TG130Size: 171.4*222.1mmSurface treatment: Immersion goldLine width/spacing: 8/8milMinimum aperture: 0.4Solder mask color: greenFinished copper thickness: 1 OZ

  • Multi-layer HDI board

    ​Layers: 8Thickness: 1.0mm, Material: FR4 S1000-2, Size: 290*216mmSurface treatment: Immersion gold