Multi-layer HDI board

​Layers: 8Thickness: 1.0mm, Material: FR4 S1000-2, Size: 290*216mmSurface treatment: Immersion gold
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Layers: 8
Thickness: 1.0mm
Material: FR4 S1000-2
Size: 290*216mm
Surface treatment: Immersion gold
Line width/spacing: 3/3mil
Minimum hole diameter: 0.10mm
Solder mask color: photosensitive blue
Finished copper thickness: inner layer 1 OZ ,outer layer 1 OZ


1. Blind and buried vias design, complex structure, second-degree HDI; blind holes L1-L2, L7-L8, buried holes L2-L3, L3-L6, L6-L7; through holes L1-L8
2. In the production process, need to do multiple times stack up, and the precision needs to be extremely high;

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